A Visit to the Rocinha Favela

27 06 2010

The Rocinha Favela with a wall of the Dois Irmaos Formation Above

On Wednesday I visited my friend Rogerio Rodrigues of the Instituto Dois Irmaos in the Rocinha Favela, the largest favela in Brazil.  A major down poor welcomed my arrival.  I was drenched from head to toe and the rains flooded the Institue’s floors.  Rogerio and I spent our first hour of our meeting drying the floors and fixing the leak in the roof.

We discussed the Rio Climbing Collaborative project and we are scheduled to meet again soon in Rocinha to visit the site that Rogerio has suggested as a potential location for the climbing wall.  Rogerio was very enthusiastic about the project and is interested in working with us for education and community support.  I am absolutely looking forward to my next visit to Rocinha.

Rocinha and Rio at night from the summit of Pedra da Gavea

I also went climbing with a very strong local climber, Hillo Santana.  We decided to climb Passeros de Fogo (5.11) on Pao de Acucar.  The weather was a bit nasty, but we sucked it up and made it to the summit.  Check out the video for a more detailed description of the experience.




2 responses

28 06 2010
Will Butler

Awesome stuff you’re doing down there Asa. If needed, I’ve got about 600 holds I can donate and I’ll bring my tool belt for when that wall is ready to go up. Keep crushing it and I’ll talk to you soon.

30 06 2010

You are the man Will!

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