Climbing Pao de Acucar: Video

21 06 2010



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21 06 2010
Ben Horton

Sick, curious about the length and rating. It’s probably in the blog so I’ll look around. Love the last 5 seconds of the film…

21 06 2010

Hey Ben, the route is Via dos Italianos. It is the classic route on Pao de Acucar. I believe it is about 7 pitches maybe 1000 feet long and 5.10. I am planning to climb a 5.12 route (Via de Totem) tomorrow. We’ll see if the weather holds.

The last five seconds of the video is definitely the best… Good eye my man!

21 06 2010
Charlie Firestone

Gotta say that those are incredible views of Rio. But I sure as hell would not want to get there that way. I always thought the guys climbing up while I was riding the cable were crazy. Now I find out that it’s my crazy son doing it. My idea, top out without the climb.

28 06 2010
Luciano Castro

Nice to have a beer on the top, isin`t it?
You should try “Lagartao” at Pao de Acucar, and the “Serra dos Orgaos” world class climbing classics!

29 06 2010

I climbed Lagartao back in 2003. Pretty incredible route. I have still not gotten to the Serra dos Orgaos… Are you in Rio? Do you want to go climbing???

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